Infant Massage

Infant Massage

Infant Massage has been practiced in other countries for centuries. It has only been popular in the United States for around 30 years. However, over this short amount of time, it has become the subject of numerous research studies. Specific massage routines have been created to help provide the most valuable benefits for both parents and babies.

Infant massage has the ability to help babies sleep better, boost their immune system, gain weight properly, increase brain function, decrease pain associated with colic, gas, constipation and so much more! It also helps parents understand their baby's non-verbal cues, provides quality one-on-one time, decreases anxiety and stress, and provides reassurance and self confidence in being a new mom or dad. 

In the beginning of life, most babies express and learn about love through touch. Infant massage is a wonderful way to convey your love on an intimate, unspoken level. 

Infant Massage is ideal for babies from birth to 1 year. However, learning infant massage is best before crawling.

"The loving touch you share with your child through massage will enhance your relationship with him. But more than that, it will give him the security he needs to grow into a happy, confident, and emotionally secure adult" - Dr. Allen Heath and Nicki Bainbridge